Imagine falling sleep out there in night at rural Victoria, Australia and in the next morning you saw something strange. Are you really scared of spiders when finding them in your living area? Thank God you are luckily not the resident of rural Victoria. People living here called it as “Spider Frost”.

What does it look like to you? Frost or a spider web? If you said spider webs, then you’re absolutely right.

All fields (grass, trees, objects) around rural Victoria are full of these spider webs.

Where they come from?

This spider frost is the effect of a bulk migration by small baby spiders. These species of spider use the wind to ride from one place to another in a quick time which is called as ballooning. They can drift miles with this trick and enough capable of covering the vast region with their webs in a single night.

Where they gone in the day?

Over the early morning grass filled with spider frost gone later in the day I the area where there is no one to tidy it. I think these spiders weave their webs overnight and pack them up again in the day. Spider webs are very resilient; they even won’t get washed away with the rain. What do you think where they went in a day?

Imagine if this would happen near your house.

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