According to Cisco’s 2017 Annual Security Report Malware and hacking continues to be a growing problem across the entirety of the Mobile & Web App World. 99% percent of all mobile malware and hack attempts in 2015-16 targeted Android devices.

 Android users also have the highest hacking attempt rate (71 percent)in comparison to iOS users.  With the recent hacker attack that breached the security of the Starbucks app, it’s high time to give more focus on implementing all major security for your mobile app.

 Bearing this in mind, as well as Based on the past experience of our mobile app developer’s team here at WeDigTech is building secure mobile apps. We have expertise in secure mobile app development that can incorporate to prevent hacks and security breaches:

Here is a list of tips on developing mobile app secure by our top experts. 

 1.Single device single Sign-On: To prevent your app from hack attempts and security breaches you should ensure that the user of your application should be able to sign in from only one device at a single time. Do not allow multiple sign in from a single device.

2.Used OAuth: Our Development team used 3 layered security while developing an app through OAuth implementation protocol(implemented by Twitter and Instagram app). OAuth is an authentication protocol that allows users to approve the application to act on their behalf without sharing their password. Implement OAuth protocols in your apps to make it more secure and prevent it from hacks and security breaches.

3.Registration: We used email verification and captcha to prevent registration of fake users, and robots signups and login. So always used email verification or captcha while register anew user in your application. One-time password (OTP) is also a good way to prevent hacking. OTP is a password valid only for one login session or transaction.

4.Encryption: Encryption is used to encrypt data in different format. Used encryption, while developing an app and all the important data that is transferred between the mobile application and the Server should be in an encrypted format. It won’t be in a readable format.RSA and SHA encryption techniques are most useful techniques for the same.

5.Implement WhiteList IP: If you want to prevent your application from outside access it is essential to use whitelist the IP address as a checkpoint. You can prevent both in-house applications and enterprise application from being accessed from outside.

6. Https layer: According to one of our security expert all your data that is associated with commercials should be transported on the Https layer.

7. Set up Analytics: Set up your app analytics account to keep a track of all app-related activities through analytics. It is very useful to track the app activity by users, as well as track the IP.

8.Block Access: Sometimes user forgot the password or try to attempt login into account using some database injections to prevent incorrect password attempts, the app should use block access to block account in order to prevent brute force. Just like ATM machine.

9.Terms & conditions: Always set your app uses terms and guidelines So that if a user is flagged for making fraud activities, then legal action can be undertaken against the user.

I hope you got some best tips from our app developers if you know better app security tips feel free to share with readers in the comment section or you can also ask a question regarding app security to our security expert one of our executives will give your answer within 24 hours. 

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