Las Vegas is the premiere destination for those wanting to sit back and be entertained. If magic is what you want to see, then Las Vegas is the right place because it offers the very best magic shows in the world.

The essence of magic is illusion. Things that are there one minute, but disappear the next. This is the magic that kids love best, so if you are visiting Las Vegas with the family, reserve a place for yourself and your family where Lance Burton the 'Master Magician' will suspend your disbelief.

If you like your magic with a dash of comedy then Penn and Teller are the guys for you. They are the supreme crowd pleasers. They'll befuddle you with their tricks, let you in on some of their secrets and then confound you once more.

Rick Thomas invites you into his world of magic, which he calls, "The Art of Dreaming". He performs the most evocative magical illusions with his team of dances, birds and even, a Bengal tiger.

The Showgirls of Magic show is the prime Las Vegas experience. Gorgeous showgirls performing virtuoso illusions. The show is a cabaret of magic, dance, and comedy.

For more comedy and devious sleight-of-hand action try the Mac King Comedy Magic Show. King is a magical whiz and loves to include the audience in the fun. So it's the perfect magical show for all the family to enjoy. 

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