We all love action movies. Those scenes full of action involving fight and destruction liked by us. But have you wondered how much cost takes to make such films?

The film industry is huge and it is expensive too. There goes lots of planning and plotting work, in order to make a film that can beat others at the box office. Since viewers have become so much choosive, the entertainment quotient of the films needs to be high in order to gain their interest. This is the reason those who are involved in the creation of film goes an extra mile to make films which are full of entertainment.

Talking about the action movies, there are huge costs involved in the production of action movies. Firstly, let's talk about the actors and crew members. If there is a superstar in the film, then you know how expensive it can be. He will charge money in several million. Less prominent actors will charge money obviously less than the superstars, but it should be at least $900 per day.

 This is not enough, but you need to pay crewmembers, who are involved in the pre and post production of the movie. If the shoot goes around for 30 days, you can imagine how much cost is going to involve. If overseas locations are finalized, then the cost of the stay, traveling, etc. are also going to add up.

The supplies and equipment, which are used to film the movies are going to shoot the prices extremely high. It is estimated that standard color, motion costs$45 per minute. If the movie lasts for 130 minutes, imagine how expensive it will become.

This is not all, set design and decoration also plays a vital role in making the dreams come into reality. You need to hire skilled and experienced crewmembers, who can do justice to your ideas and vision. Shooting guns and blowing things do not come easy. It can add up to several million dollars until the completion of the film.

Directions itself quite expensive and editing adds to it. After the successful direction of the film, it needs to be edited so that it comes beautifully on the screens.Adding visual effects, graphics and improving noise from sound, are several things that cost another several million dollars. Hence, we can say till now, in order to create an action movie, billions of dollars are spent. This cost comes from those who are involved in the film.

The last and final step is the film promotion and marketing. Nobody will ever come to know about the film if it has not been marketed and promoted effectively.Marketing involves another 50% of the costs involved. This price involves both online and offline marketing.

From the above explanation, it must be clear to you now, those action movies are not that inexpensive. There are huge efforts, time, energy and money involved in the process so that viewers can enjoy and get entertained.

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