Do Forward as the name suggests, we wanted to encourage people and make them understand the meaning of “giving”. Because we all know that no one has ever become poor by giving.

Joining great individuals and great motivations – Understanding Do Forward another method for philanthropy and gift is conceived. With this stage we trust that now everybody can be a piece of doing great for the general public in a way or two. We needed everybody in the general public to be great and everybody to do useful for others. "The heart that gives, accumulates." – Tao Te Ching This was our inspiration to present something like Do site. We'd jump at the chance to call it a medium as opposed to a site.

What is Do Forward?

What this medium is. Do Forward as the name proposes, we needed to support individuals and influence them to comprehend the significance of "giving". Since we as a whole realize that nobody has ever turned out to be poor by giving. So we thought of a thought of such stage where individuals can "forward the blessings to alternate hands that need them."

So this is really Do Forward. Blessing is something we call the things or things you have as of now and you are sending to another hand with no cost and all by your heart. In this way, Do Forward is really a group site or stage wherein individuals can discover individuals to give blessings or get endowments and all free of cost.

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