Did you accidentally deleted your Facebook messages? Do you think your loved one has deleted Facebook messages to hide truth? Get a mobile spy software to see those messages

Was there an important conversation with an old friend you find deleted but don’t remember how? Is there a chat that you had with a client that you can’t find anymore? These are helpless situations that can make anyone panic.

There are countless situations nowadays that can make it happen. The convenience of modern day technology has made us lazy, forgetful and short on patience. We end up deleting some important information.

It has led us to lie or cheat. Your partner cheating on you or a child going on the wrong path because of their friends. You don’t find the suspicious messages in their inbox anymore and you need the proof.

A lot of anxious people are turning to mobile spy software to track such information. You want to know what your kids are up to. In today’s fast-paced life it is so easy to not notice some tiny changes that they may go through.

Kids are known to take crazy risks just to stay popular. In the crazy popularity contest of school life they find it hard to ignore such distractions. For teenagers, it almost becomes the end of the world if they don’t take part in such silly activities.

How to check Deleted Facebook Messages?

Deleted messages are a nuisance. Sometimes, it is a device change that does it and sometimes you accidentally end up touching a few messages that get deleted. This is happening more and more because of the touch screens that are on mobile phones.

Or you may want to use mobile tracking software to continue monitoring your loved one’s smart- phone to monitor their Facebook messages. You can confirm your suspicions even if the messages are removed from their inbox.

Let’s see some of the ways you can check deleted Facebook Messages:-

1. Archive Facebook Messages

To archive is a credible way of viewing messages if they get deleted. The way to do that is quite easy and is really effective. It can be done on Facebook site, Facebook app or Facebook messenger to follow this step.

Take a look at the simple to follow steps:-

a. In Facebook Messenger, go to the recent conversations and scroll down to the contact you wish to archive.

b. Press for long and a window will open with many options.

c. Select Archive conversation

In the future, you have to log-in to the Facebook messenger to check all the deleted Facebook messages.

2. Check deleted Facebook messages through Android Memory

The physical memory of every Android device saves a copy of all the apps including Facebook messages. Any file explorer application can be used here to view Facebook messages in the Android Phone memory.

You need to follow a few simple steps:-

a. Log in to Facebook, click on ‘Settings’ and then go to ‘General account settings.’

b. In the bottom of the page, you will find a link saying which you need to click ‘Download a copy of your Facebook data.’

c. Once you click on the download link, you need to enter your account password and click on ‘Continue’ button.

d. Click on ‘Download Archive’ and this will download Facebook data to your device in a compressed format.

e. To check the messages that were deleted you need to unzip the file.

3. Check Deleted Facebook messages through a Mobile Tracking Software

Millions of people around the world exchange conversations through Facebook messages every day. It is a great way to talk with multiple people at the same time. The advantages don’t disadvantages as people use Facebook messenger to lie and cheat.

They use the guise of anonymity that social media provides to do so. Many people want to track a mobile phone to monitor the target device. These spy apps can also help you to check the deleted messages.

Let’s go through some of the ways you check deleted Facebook messages and much more:-

a. Cell phone monitoring software’s take live screenshots from time to time

b. It tracks conversations on Facebook messenger and all the other chat sites directly to the personalized control panel.

c. All the Facebook friends and regular contacts on Facebook messenger, and other chat sites will be available to you.

d. All the multimedia shared on these chats will be available on the control panel too immediately. Plus,

a. Call logs

b. GPS tracking

c. Text logs

d. Browser history

e. Social media tracking


Facebook messenger has a huge amount of users. It is used for professional and personal reasons. You can hide behind a personalized ID without anyone knowing who they are chatting with and how much. They may remove or delete their Facebook messages to hide their secrets. Get a Mobile tracking software to check those deleted messages to know the truth.

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