Get thousands of messages from customers on Facebook and do not have time to answer them at all, but you would like to build a unique brand identity using content marketing?

Get thousands of messages from customers on Facebook and do not have time to answer them at all, but you would like to build a unique brand identity using content marketing?

 There is a tool that will cope with this task for you, even without you. Automatically. Do you want to know more about it? Continue reading the post - I'll clarify the points. 

To buy from you, your customers need to interact with you.Therefore, people in all ways available to them will contact you:

 -write comments,

-ask questions,

-leave complaints and reviews.

 They need to receive feedback from you immediately. It does not matter day or night, working day or off. Their question is urgent, even if you think otherwise.

 Chatbots in the messenger will replace you and answer all customers when you are not online or you are just busy with more important things. With this tool, you will greatly improve customer service, retention and ROI. Let's see ...

Why do we need chatbots?

The answer is simple - to automate the process of answeringsubscriber questions. With the help of chatbots you can provide customers withbasic information and thereby partially relieve employees of the customerservice department.

You can configure the chatbot for different purposes. It can be like customer service and content marketing. Remember, the simpler and more productive for the clients the process of interaction with you, the more money you will earn.

1. Deliver personalized content

Some companies use chatbots to implement a content marketing strategy. Bots help them maintain relationships with customers and provide valuable information to people without human participation.

The site organically attracts more traffic from social networks. In its turn, the company gets an opportunity to sell more.

What is important to remember when creating a chatbot for content delivery:

-Take it as part of content marketing. Therefore, selling is not your main goal. Just bring users to the site through the content.

-Make sure that your site is opened from mobile devices.

-Tell your customers how and where to contact you if they need help.

-If possible, connect the viewing menu to the bot. So users will find it easier to search for the right content, even if they do not know what they want.

2. Respond to common customer questions

This is the most popular kind of chatbots. If customers often ask you the same questions, the bot will help you answer them. Just teach it what to say.

When creating a bot for customer service, remember:

-Make sure, that customers have received all the information they need. For example, after communication, ask: "Did we answer your questions?"

-If the answer is negative, the client will be redirected to the customer service employee, reminding, for example, the desired phone number.

-Don’t ask customers for personal data via chatbot for security reasons. If you need such data, offer the person another reliable way to provide them.

3. Entertain and build relationships

People do not rush to buy until they make sure that you can be trusted. If you are in sight and will periodically "touch" your potential customers, they will get used to you. This can be done through chatbot.

Users can subscribe to this kind of your newsletter and occasionally receive from you interesting facts, challenges and anotherany thing. With this distribution and chat, you can increase audience reach by offering subscribers to share calls with friends.

What you need to remember, creating such a bot:

-If you plan to distribute content regularly, always ask users for permission to send such messages. Spam and spammers are not loved by anyone.

-Make sure that the content you send is viewable on mobile devices.

-Your messages should be dynamic, so actively use the video and pictures in such messages.

4. Special Offer

If you have some special offers you would like to promote, you can use the chatbot to tell about this service to your customers. Build a good digital company around it, teach your bot to talk about them in detail.

The offer of automated services via chat-bot will allow you to increase sales.

What is important to remember when creating such a chatbot:

-Provide ready-to-install, clickable menus to navigate through your automated services. This will simplify the work of the reader and clearly show what exactly you are offering.

-If you cannot offer the service easily accessible through a chatbot, give the readers a link to your site.


Now chatbots are only gaining popularity around the globe.It is a hot trend, which has not been pretty common yet. The sooner you will incorporate this tool into your business, the better results you will get.

So feel free to test it and expand the capabilities of your business. Automate routine processes; reduce staff costs, give customers the best service and then competitors will find it hard to keep up with your business. Take Action!

Ashish Sharma is the Chief Marketing Officer at WeDigTech, a Mobile App Development Company. He is responsible for marketing activities that have to do with creating, communicating and delivering offerings that have value for clients or business partners.

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