Backwater is the beauty hub of Kerala

Blessed with a unique geography, climatic conditions and soil structure Kerala is one of the most beautiful and to the southernmost tip which is known to house a number of backwater stretches which acts as one of the main attraction for overseas travelers. Apart from a hot spot for nature lovers, the inland water reaches of Kerala are also known as the paradise for honeymooners and couples. A number of newlyweds travel to the scenic backwater destinations in Kerala to make their honeymoon day memorable and special. Being one of the best and most visited honeymoon destinations the state houses a number of travel operators like Holiday Mango Travel who offers the best tour packages for couples and travelers from around the world.

The packages offered would most include the backwater destinations of Kerala including a number of attractions in the land. With the increase in the demand for backwater tourism, the Kerala tourism department has organized a number of different projects like responsible tourism in backwater destinations of Kerala. One of the main aims of the projects is to entertain the travelers visiting and thereby increase the rate at which traveler’s tour to the backwaters of Kerala. Some of the main attractions of the backwater destinations which fascinate the honeymooners and travelers are listed below.

 Backwater industries, the only means of income for the women in the land


The backwater of Kerala houses a number of industries in which the coir and the handicraft industries are the most popular. The coir industries in the inland waters of Kerala are mostly located close to the coconut plantations for the easy availability of raw materials. Travelers and honeymooners visiting the coir industries in Kerala are taught the basic ways in which the coir is made by the females in the area. Apart from the coir industries, it is the handicrafts industry that attracts the travelers and couples. The place houses a number of traditional handicrafts which are mostly made from the tree barks, coconut shells, and coconut leaves. As a part of responsible tourism in backwater destinations, the workers teach the travelers and honeymooners a number of ways in which the commodities made from nature. These activities of the backwater destinations entertain the travelers and thus attract the attention of the travelers from around the world.

Nature and climate that entices the travellers


The backwaters of Kerala house a unique climate with moderate rainfall. Apart from the climate, it is mostly the natural beauty of the place that attracts the travelers and honeymooners to the land. The moonlit waters, the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset all add to the mood of a romantic honeymoon. The rich green paddy fields in the backwaters and the villages in the land all exhibit the true beauty of a village life and the tradition of Kerala. Filled with natural beauty and a number of rare and unique water life and migratory birds the backwaters of Kerala are the best destination for the couples to enjoy a nature escape.


Backwater attractions, an example of the ancient traditions in the land


The complex water stretches of Kerala houses a number of attractions which includes the houseboats which are the traditional means of transport in ancient Kerala. The houseboats are now one of the means of entertainment in the land. Couples visiting the backwater stretches of Kerala mostly opt to enjoy their honeymoon by opting to stay in the houseboat. The view of the moonlit waters and the paddy fields all add to the romantic ambiance of a houseboat tour in Kerala. Apart from the houseboat stays and tours the backwater festivals also act as the main attraction in the land. The snake boat race is one such festival which is celebrated during the harvesting season. All the festivals and tradition of the backwaters are elements which fascinate travelers and couples touring to the backwaters of Kerala.

Apart from the beauty of the backwater destinations and the attractions, the place offers one main thing that surprises the travelers are the traditional Kerala cuisine which no traveler visiting the inland water destination would miss. Filled with flavors and spices the Kerala cuisine is one thing that draws the travelers and honeymooners to the land. Located far from the pollution and the loud notice of the city the backwater destinations in Kerala are the best destination to the south where couples could enjoy a perfect honeymoon on the lap of nature.

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