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Add a Kick with BBQ Spice Blends

With so many ways to prepare barbecue, you may be wondering which is the best. It really comes down to what your preference is and the flavors you like.

For flavor that has more of a kick to it, using a Bbq Spice Blend and rubbing it into the meat can make a huge difference and pack a punch with the spice.

The interesting thing about using a rub is that it can be such a simple technique but brings on massive flavor. Today we will look at how using a rub or BBQ spice blend can bring out the most flavor in your grilling experience.

First, using a rub can be a lot neater than using a marinade. A BBQ spice blend is very simply a mixture of spices, often times called a dry rub since it is made of dry ingredients. Spices that are included in a rub range from standard spices like salt and pepper to more sophisticated elements like thyme, rosemary and oregano. Salt is also a critical element of good BBQ as it brings out the brightness and the flavors of both the rub and your meat. The spice blends at Casa M Spice Co™ are made with all natural ingredients that include ground chilis for heat and small amounts of sugar that create a caramelization when smoking. A marinade can be oil-based, drip into the grill, and create more of a mess. The spices from a dry rub will cling to the meat to seal in the flavors, which means less mess and cleanup for you.

A main difference between rubs and marinades, other than the obvious texture, is the way they work on meats. Marinades coat the food with a layer of flavors that complement the meat. A rub, however, will create layers of flavor as it permeates through the meat, creating a fuller flavor.

Another thing about rubs is that they are open for experimentation and improvisation. Seasonings are to taste, so you can get creative with the spice mixtures and add some new elements. The spice blends at Casa M Spice Co™ are the product of two decades of experimentation and perfecting recipes to create the best blend that combines heat, sweetness, and earthy flavors. The flavors are a combination of Southwestern, Cajun, and Mexican influence, bringing many regional tastes and flavors together into a single spice blend.

When applying a BBQ spice blend or other dry spice rub to food, there are different ways to prepare the food to get the most flavor. For example, spice blends can be used on vegetables, especially vegetables placed on the grill. To get the most flavor, coat them with oil first so the seasoning will stick and lock in when grilling. This also applies to different types of meat or fish. For example, when rubbing seasoning on chicken, and ensuring that is covers the chicken completely, you can also apply the spice blend under the skin so it makes direct contact with the meat. For fish, which is much more delicate, you will take a similar approach to the vegetables and use a light oil to get the spices to stick to the fish.

Rubs also last much longer than marinades, up to a couple weeks in fact, which means they can be used well beyond your initial grilling experience. You can also easily use some of the spice mixes to season other food like rice, stew or stir-fry.

Check out the many different spice blends offered by Casa M Spice Co™ and take your barbecuing to a new level with an added kick. Great flavor is our goal!

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