One of the best perks of London city living is the access to wonderful VIP nightclubs! Undeniably, these are the places where you can spend a fantastic evening with sizzling dancers or many more! But do you know what top 10 VIP nightclubs in London are? No? Then get to know the list of the top 10 nightclubs with us.

1. The Box

The Box

Hitting on our list of top 10 VIP nightclubs in London with the maximum rating and reviews by its customers is ‘The Box Nightclub in London’. This is the hottest nightspot of London. In fact, it is preferred by royals and A-listers alike. The club is also organizing the international shows for its clients. If you are in London and have a good budget must go there. They also have a "The Box in New York".

2. Cirque Le Soir

Cirque Le Soir

Giving bottleneck completion to some of the top VIP nightclubs in London by grabbing its position on number second on our list according to reviews and customer satisfaction is Cirque Le Soir. This club opens in London at the end of 2009. It has been vividly blooming with its multi-colored neon signed entrance in the heart of Mayfair. Due to its popularity, Cirque Le Soir has become a popular place for celebrities and superstars of music and film industry.

3. Jungle


Heading towards our third VIP nightclub in London is a Jungle. A jungle is a new club which needs to come across to enjoy a range of amazing cocktails, exotic nibbles and beautiful acrobats dressed as a wild lioness. It is located on Rainforest Cafe in the heart of London's West End. It becomes the mesmeric venue on London’s flourishing clubbing scene. The exciting part of the club is its organization and beauty. As you enter the club, you will be pleased to see the rumbling chaos of the jungle. You can host a fabulous party like a birthday party, Christmas party or corporate parties also in Jungle; best VIP nightclub.

4. Toy Room

Toy Room

Moving to our next countdown now it’s time to throw light on one of the 4th VIP Nightclubs that offers high-end nightlife a new exciting fix. Yes, we are talking about the Toy Room club. This is the club that could turn out to be the coolest destination spot in London if you actually want to chill with your friends. Here you can get international catering division for all occasions. With this club one thing is very sure, the expert event team of the club is able to make you any celebration the outstanding with his catering or hospitality services.

5. Reign Showclub

Reign Showclub

Next, the exciting club and on number 5 is Reign Showclub. This is the only club that places at a stunning place St James's London. This fantastic venue gives something that quite different to what we are used to. It is an aerial show club appealing to a diverse mix of Las Vegas and Moulin Rouge to the heart of London's west end. The most beautiful interior design of the club and sizzling performance are always grabbing the attention of guest and entertain them in the most stunning manner.

6. Tape


If you are a music lover, Tap is the perfect club for you. This nightclub offers a luxurious and amazing party experience with the best sets of internationally renowned DJ’s attracting members of the music industry and music lovers. It is an impressive, different and an interesting new concept, never observed before in London, inspired by Grammy award-winning producer Dallas Austin. The full-sized stage for live performances is such an attraction point in Tape night club!

7. Scandal Night Club

Scandal Night Club

If you are looking for an excellent nightlife experience, we must suggest you go Scandal Night Club. The fantastic venue depicts the lust of the Amsterdam Red Light District but in are fined and classy way. Tassel curtains at the entrance give a real sense of VIP treatment. The raised DJ booth, which stands on a corner and flaunts a rotation of renowned DJs and wonderful performances really make it perfect club to have fun with buddies and enjoy the nightlife.

8. Maddox


Hitting the top 10 VIP nightclubs with number 8 is Maddox club. This club represents the perfect combo of revelry and opulence. As you enter in Maddox, you notice where the heart of the Mayfair club lies by its vigorous, futuristic design and electric atmosphere. Resident DJ’s and the international artists haunt the coveted Maddox Club DJ booth, which includes an excellent placement on the Main Room floor boasting a blend of commercial, house, and tech/deep house music.

9. Cuckoo Club

Cuckoo Club

Newly redesigned by Barbara Hulanicki, interior designer& founder of iconic fashion house Biba, starring some of Europe’s most expert mixologists and an electrifying and eclectic musical output, The Cuckoo Club is on the number 9 in the list. The club offers the unchecked, certain beauty for London’s party cavalry. In this club, you can find style and substance in equal portion with high-end interior design split over two floors.

10. Mahiki


The Mahiki club in London offers a unique clubbing experience beyond your wildest imagination. One of the less energetic, more mature club, where you will be expected to act with class and grace. The broad array of sweet tropical cocktails will be served in Tiki mugs, coconut shells, and little treasure chests but with modern music and an elite guest list.

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