Regardless of where in America you have lived or been chances are you have eaten or at least heard of Red Lobster. You may be eating off the Red Lobster Lunch Menu. You may be eating off the Red Lobster restaurant menu for Dinner. Either way for what you are getting, the prices for the same are extremely reasonable and the food is more than great.

The number one Red Lobster menu staple for most people would have to be the red lobster biscuits. While the exact recipe for these biscuits may never be published for people to make at home, there are many copycat recipes for the biscuits. To find a red lobster biscuit recipe, do a simple Internet search using the keywords "red lobster biscuits recipe". You can also purchase many restaurant copycat cookbooks in local bookstores.

Red Lobster shrimp scampi is another popular dish. Red Lobster shrimp scampi recipes is another eatable dish that many would love to be able to prepare at home. Red Lobster shrimp scampi recipe can also be found in a copycat form online and offline in copycat cookbooks. Some other recipes from Red Lobster that are highly desired are Red Lobster's ultimate fondue recipe and Red Lobster's coconut shrimp recipe. These two can be found using the previously mentioned resources. If you like the Red Lobster menu and want a few recipes from it, the Red Lobster website has Red Lobster recipes listed. 

They may not have the specific Red Lobster recipe that you are looking for, but there are several worths trying in your spare time at home. Some choices to try at home from the Red Lobster website would include sun-dried tilapia in a bag, shrimp gumbo, lobster bisque, Maryland crab cakes, grilled rock lobsters, salmon with lobster mashed potatoes, broiled dill salmon, grilled baby rack of shrimp and top it off with a cranberry apple sangria.

So many people love the selections on the Red Lobster menu, which is what makes Red Lobster such a popular restaurant. You may have to continue going to the Red Lobster restaurant if you want the real dishes in all their tasty glory, but the copycat recipes will do when you can't make the trip out for dinner. 

You can even try sinking your teeth into some of these recipes out on family and friends for a really impressive seafood meal.

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