Tired of the old vacation spots? Want to visit an exciting place which you have not heard of but would be full of adventures? Here is the list of the weird and unique places that will let you get new and exciting experiences from your next vacations.

1. Plitvice National Park, Croatia

 Plitvice National Park, Croatia

If you are fond of hiking then this is the place for you. The interconnected series of lakes and waterfalls will give you a chance of walking miles of boardwalks and trails. Shuttle buses and electric boats will be there to let you see the most beautiful side of the biggest national park of Croatia.

2. Most haunted Castle of Ireland

 Most haunted Castle of Ireland

Build around 1250 and as a seat of power forEly O’Carroll clan, the Leap Castle in Ireland is known as the most haunted castle in the country. One of the first ghosts who made this place haunted was Thaddeus O’Carroll; he was a priest and was stabbed by his own brother.

3. The Eerie Fairy Tale Forest, Germany

 The Eerie Fairy Tale Forest, Germany

We are talking about the Germany’s BlackForest; the first glance on this forest will let you imagine the one that is related to fairy tales. And there is no surprise in that because this forest was the inspiration for many of the Grimm’s fairy tales. It is also the home of the cuckoo clock.

4. Stay in a Bothy in Isle of Skye, Scotland

 Stay in a Bothy in Isle of Skye, Scotland

The Lookout Bothy located at the northernmost tip of Isle of Skye, is a small hut that overlooks the sea. It provides a shelter from the rain and wind, along with enabling you to get mesmerized at the amazing views. The photographic opportunities are just endless at this place; you can go out and explore.

5. The rainbow walled underground Oasis

 The rainbow walled underground Oasis

The Reed Flute Cave in Guangxi, China is known as the Palace of Natural Arts. It has got this name due to the multicolor and multiform stunning rocks. Also, it boasts many ink inscriptions that date back to 8th century.

6. Flowery feat of horticulture, Netherland

 Flowery feat of horticulture, Netherland

Netherland boasts a gardeners’ paradise which you can see from March to May. During this period, a million of tulips flower.s along with hyacinths and many other flowers give a new look to the country side by transforming it into a sea of colors. Tulips gained popularity in 1592 when Carolus Clusius wrote a book on them; people became so crazy that they started snatching tulip flowers.

We hope that the list of the places is new to you and you must be excited to visit these places. So, make a choice for your upcoming vacations and do some research on the nearby places; the rest, we are assured that you will definitely like the places suggested by us.

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