Automation is one of the key benefits of using HR software to manage the workforce. Automation standardizes processes and frees up the HR professional’s time. We will go deeper into what this automation is about, and how it helps organizations in this post.

Automation is one of the key benefits organizations gain from using online HR software. With automation, many of the processes in human resource management can be handled more efficiently and effectively, resulting in best results for all the stakeholders in the organization. Further, automation also helps with improving communication, and the elimination of data barriers and silos.


Calling recruitment as one of the most important functions of the HR department, and indeed the whole organization is no exaggeration. When recruitment is not done effectively, the organization will be loaded with mediocre talent that will take them nowhere. Also, there is no skipping on any of the steps of recruitment. Even if one of them was not done effectively, the others will be affected. If the CVs were not sourced right, the shortlist will be bad, and interviews will be a waste of time. If the job descriptions are not conveyed properly, you will get square pegs in round holes.

So, how to do it all effectively while taking the least amount of time? Through automation, of course. By automating the entire chain of tasks in the recruitment process, they can all be processed quickly. The software automatically ferries requisitions and approvals from one desk to another, and it comes with templates and standardizes rules that will guide the functioning of the stakeholders in the process. Even if a recruiter were handling a particular profile for the first time, the software will equip him or her with the expertise required to fill that position.

Last but not the least, in recruitment, organizations can enjoy the benefit of the automated applicant tracking system (ATS), which is a huge improvement in the way recruitment tasks are normally handled. The recruiters don’t have to painstakingly keep track of every detail – the ATS will do that for them, and keep them informed of what they need to do at each stage. All in all, automation significantly improves the way recruitment is handled, and recruiters can use the additional time to focus their time and efforts on where the most human intervention is needed – in going through profiles and coming up with the right shortlists.

Data Management

Data management is another important HRM task that can hugely benefit from automation. Many organizations have moved from paper to paperless – they use soft copies of CVs and offer letters, and store employee information in their systems. However, they don’t go that extra mile and invest in a good data management system – this effort has to be done by the HR professionals. Not only does this waste time but it also does not negate the scope for errors and inefficiencies. Instead of using a standalone solution to manage HR data, HR professionals can now use the integrated data management solution that comes with their human resource software solution. Not only will this do away with the investment but it will also offer better synchronization, and make this data available for other purposes, which we will discuss later.

The software completely automates data management too. No more is it necessary or HR professionals to keep track of things – the software will handle all these tasks for them, and automate even retention and disposal of documents. With the click of a few buttons, data can be stored or retrieved in seconds. Also, the system could be set up in such a way that a change in one place can automatically reflect in other places. For example, if employees would want to change their addresses, they can do it in the profile section, which details will be automatically updated in the payroll and benefits sections. It is a huge time-saver for all those involved.


When you can collect and manage data effectively, what is the point in just let it lie around? If getting a data management solution to manage all data effectively is one step, then going further and analyzing this data is the more important step. Data is worthless when it is just data – but when it is analyzed to recognize patterns and performances, it can be a goldmine that can also go to the extent of being a competitive advantage in the long run.

With the online HR software solution, data is not only analyzed but reports are also made available automatically. Once the analysis and reporting rules are set, the software can do everything automatically. For example, if team leaders want to know how punctual their team members are, they can simply schedule the delivery of clock in and clock out details of all their employees to their inboxes every Monday morning at 11 AM. The software will do the processing and deliver the reports.

Automation can be very useful for organizations in managing their workforces, and HR software provides organizations with all the automation support they need. 

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